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I am Shiyao Xu (徐诗瑶), currently a research scientist at Cybever Inc. My research interests lie in 3D-aware understanding, editing, and generation, and also neural rendering.
I also worked with Prof. Yebin Liu, Prof. Hongwen Zhang, Lingzhi Li, Dr. Li Shen, Prof. Zhouhui Lian.

I just obtain my M.Sc. degree from from Wangxuan Institute of Computer Techonology(WICT) at Peking University, China, 2023, supervised by Prof. Zhouhui Lian. I did my bachelors at Dalian University of Technology, China, 2020.

I am looking for a PhD position or full-time, -paid research assistant opportunity starting from now. Please freely contact me! :)

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  • 2023.07-08: Serve as volunteer(Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant) in SGI(Summer Gemoetry Initiative) 2023.
  • 2023.04: FINALLY! Our paper: DeSRF: DeformableStylized Radiance Field is accepted by CVPR 2023 Workshop: Generative Models for Computer Vision. See you in Vancouver, Canada (if my visa is approved)!
  • 2022.10: Recieve a graduate school scholarship💰!
  • 2022.08: Happy to announce that our paper "Your3dEmoji" is accepted by SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 Tech. Comm.!🤪 See you in Korea!
  • Publications and Preprints
    DeSRF: Deformable Stylized Radiance Field
    Shiyao Xu, Lingzhi Li, Li Shen, Zhouhui Lian
    CVPRW 2023, CVPR Workshop on Generative Models for Computer Vision
    [Project] [PDF] [Code](tbc) [Poster]

    We propose a more efficient method, DeSRF, to stylize the radiance field, which also transfers style information to the geometry according to the input style.

    Your3dEmoji: Creating Personalized Emojis via One-shot 3D-aware Cartoon Avatar Synthesis
    Shiyao Xu, Lingzhi Li, Li Shen, Yifang Men, Zhouhui Lian
    SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 Technical Communication
    [Project](tbc) [PDF] [DOI] [Code]

    We propose a novel 3D generative model to translate a real-world face image into its corresponding 3D avatar with only a single style example provided. Our model is 3D-aware in sense and also able to do attribute editing, such as smile, age, etc directly in the 3D domain.

    Dynamic Texture Transfer using PatchMatch and Transformers
    Guo Pu, Shiyao Xu, Xixin Cao, Zhouhui Lian
    [PDF] finally available on arxiv... but this is my first project;-)

    We propose an automatically method to transfer the dynamic texture of a given video to a still image.

      How to automatically transfer the dynamic texture of a given video to the target still image is a challenging and ongoing problem. In this paper, we propose to handle this task via a simple yet effective model that utilizes both PatchMatch and Transformers. The key idea is to decompose the task of dynamic texture transfer into two stages, where the start frame of the target video with the desired dynamic texture is synthesized in the first stage via a distance map guided texture transfer module based on the PatchMatch algorithm. Then, in the second stage, the synthesized image is decomposed into structure-agnostic patches, according to which their corresponding subsequent patches can be predicted by exploiting the powerful capability of Transformers equipped with VQ-VAE for processing long discrete sequences. After getting all those patches, we apply a Gaussian weighted average merging strat- egy to smoothly assemble them into each frame of the target stylized video. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed method in dynamic texture transfer compared to the state of the art.
    Working Experiences

    2023.07 - present: Research Scientist at Cybever Inc., Mountain View (remotely).


    2023.06 - 2023.10: Research Assistant at Prof. Yebin Liu's group, Tsinghua University.


    2021.08 - 2023.07: Research Intern in DAMO Academy, Alibaba Group. Mentored by Lingzhi Li, Supervised by Dr. Li Shen.


    2021.07 - 2021.08: Machine Learning Intern at Apple Inc., Beijing, China.


    2020.09 - 2023.06: M.Sc. in Wangxuan Institute of Computer Techonology(WICT) at Peking University, China.
    Supervised by Prof. Zhouhui Lian.
    Worked on 3D-aware Generation, Style Transfer, Neural Rendering.
    Thesis: 3D-aware Style Transfer based on Neural Radiance Field.


    2016.09 - 2020.06: B.Eng. in School of Software at Dalian University of Technology, China.
    Supervised by Prof. Kun Lu and Prof. Shimin Shan.
    Major in Big Data and Machine Learning.

  • Serve as volunteer(teaching assistant and research assistant) in SGI(Summer Gemoetry Initiative) 2023.
  • Serve as a Student Volunteer (virtual) in SIGGRAPH 2022.
  • TA of Elementary Number Theory for undergraduate students at Peking University, Spring 2021.
  • I play: ⚽️🏊🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🎾🥊🏂🎸
  • ⚽️ A member of PKU Women Football Club. Also a founder of our college women's football team.(I'm also a fan of Arsenal F.C.🔫🔴⚪️)

  • Build the bridge between 2D and 3D world. Do some cool research!😎

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